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WS1 - Educational Workshop: epithelial cell biology: culture methods and functional studies

Postgraduate Course
Chairs: R. Bals (Marburg, Germany), P. Hiemstra (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Aims: Many research groups use cultured epithelial cells from the lung for studies on lung cell biology. These studies include the use of primary cultures, as well as tumour cells and immunortalised cell lines. Recently, more sophisticated culture methods have been developed by several laboratories and epithelial cells are cultured from specific patient populations. In addition, the feasibility of culturing epithelial cells from embryonic and adult stem cells is gaining increased interest. Finally, novel techniques are employed to study gene expression and ion transport in these cells. These new developments warrant an educational workshop to promote interactive discussion and exchange of information between researchers at all levels on recent developments and methodological problems in epithelial cell biology. The specific aim of the workshop is to provide an insight into state-of-the-art methods for the study of epithelial cells in culture, focusing both on culture methods and the study of epithelial cell function. These new ERS educational workshops are designed to enable researchers to hold interactive discussions and exchange information with other researchers, to discuss problems that can arise and advance their knowledge by a mutually beneficial exchange of information. The specific aims of this workshop are: - To provide insight into state-of-the-art methods to study epithelial cells in culture, focussing both on culture methods and the study of epithelial cell function.
Studying ion transport in cultured epithelial cells
D. Sheppard (Bristol, United Kingdom)
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Embryonic and adult stem cells: potential for regenerating the epithelium of the lung
C. Coraux (Reims, France)
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