International Congress Munich 2014

Saturday, 06.09.2014

09:00 - 16:002ERS/CTS China Day: advances in asthma and COPDSymposium
09:30 - 13:006Primary Care Programme "Management of COPD and other respiratory conditions in clinical practice"Session
09:30 - 13:007PG01 Challenges faced when diagnosing idiopathic interstitial lung diseasePostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:008PG07 Cardiopulmonary exercise testingPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:009PG04 Update on COPD exacerbationsPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 17:3010PG20 Global evaluation of tuberculosis from children to adultsPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0011PG02 Current clinical problems in pulmonologyPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0012PG05 Severe asthma – highlights from the ERS/ATS workshopPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0013PG08 The management of non-CF bronchiectasis: from childhood to adulthoodPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0014PG06 Respiratory evaluation and management of neuromuscular diseases in childrenPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0015PG03 Respiratory medicine: diagnosis to treatment from a mentor and junior perspectivePostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0016PG09 Spirometry knowledge and basic skills (European spirometry training programme)Postgraduate Course
13:00 - 16:3018Fellows' Get-TogetherSession
14:00 - 16:0019Session in Spanish "Sesión conjunta en castellano organizada por la ALAT (Asociación Latinoamericana de Tórax) y la SEPAR (Sociedad Española de Enfermedades Respiratorias)"Session
14:00 - 17:3020PG10 Interventional pulmonologyPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3021PG18 Weaning off mechanical ventilation: between NIV and tracheotomyPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3022PG16 Low respiratory tract infections: learning from real clinical casesPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3023PG12 The omics revolution: the future of personalised medicinePostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3024PG14 Smoking cessation in patients with pulmonary disordersPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3025PG15 Hot topics in paediatric allergyPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3026PG11 Sleep and acute respiratory failure (ARF)Postgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3027PG13 Assessment of the obstructive sleep apnoea patientPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3028PG17 Lung cancer: the issue with the tissuePostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3029PG19 Surgery for advanced stage lung cancerPostgraduate Course