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Management of airway hypersecretions

Chairs: J. Bott (Ashford, United Kingdom), B. Schonhofer (Hannover, Germany)
Aims: This symposium will introduce and illustrate:
• physiotherapeutic techniques to improve expectoration;
• limitations of physiotherapy;
• cough-assist techniques;
• mini-trach and tracheotomy.
Cough: physiology and pathophysiology
D. Groneberg (Berlin, Germany)
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Hypersecretion and atelectasis management – manual strategies and devices in chest physiotherapy
R. Gosselink (Leuven, Belgium)
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Air stacking, cough machine – in/exsufflator, high frequency oscillation and intrapulmonary percussive ventilation
J-F. Muir (Rouen, France)
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Invasive interventions: mini-trach and -tracheostomy – who is the adequate patient?
C. Gregoretti (Moncalieri, Italy)
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