Barcelona 2022

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Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2022; 60: Suppl. 66, abstract number.

Pre-Congress Content

00:00 - 00:202Syndrome of combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysemaStatements and technical standards
00:00 - 00:203ERS/ATS updated pulmonary function test interpretation technical standardStatements and technical standards
00:00 - 00:204ERS technical standards for scoring respiratory events using Type III devices for the diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing in adults and childrenStatements and technical standards
00:00 - 00:205ERS statement for defining respiratory exacerbations in children and adolescents with bronchiectasis for clinical trialsStatements and technical standards
00:00 - 00:207ERS guidelines for the management of hospitalised patients with COVID-19Statements and technical standards
00:00 - 00:208ERS statement on long COVID-19 follow-upStatements and technical standards
00:00 - 00:209The ERS core outcome set for clinical trials evaluating the management of COPD exacerbationsStatements and technical standards
00:00 - 00:2010Lung disease in primary immunodeficiencyClinical Research Collaboration
00:00 - 00:2011An ERS clinical research collaboration to advance research in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiencyClinical Research Collaboration
00:00 - 00:2012Global Lung Function Initiative: Is it time for an update?Clinical Research Collaboration
00:00 - 00:2013Lessons learnt and updates from the CADSET clinical research collaborationClinical Research Collaboration
00:00 - 00:2015Severe heterogenous asthma research collaboration, patient-centredClinical Research Collaboration
00:00 - 00:2016EU-wide consensus of clinical experts and patients on key parameters to be measured during and after a severe exacerbation of COPDClinical Research Collaboration
00:00 - 00:2017Precision medicine for bronchiectasisClinical Research Collaboration
00:00 - 00:2018New understanding in the treatment of coughClinical Research Collaboration
00:00 - 00:2019Main highlights in the management of pleural infectionStatements and technical standards
00:00 - 00:2020Biologics in asthma: do we need so many and who do we miss?Year in review
00:00 - 00:2021Treatable traits in COPD rehabilitationYear in review
00:00 - 00:2022The positive downside of COVID pandemic on advances in thoracic surgery in 2021Year in review
00:00 - 00:2023Obstructive sleep apnea associated with different pulmonary comorbiditiesYear in review
00:00 - 00:2024Antibiotics in lower respiratory tract infections in childrenYear in review
00:00 - 00:2025Air pollution and interstitial lung diseasesYear in review
00:00 - 00:2026Confocal endomicroscopy in thoracic malignancy: seeing is believing?Year in review
00:00 - 00:2027Pre-clinical discovery and testing of new approaches to lung repairYear in review
00:00 - 00:2028The transforming growth factor beta/BMP axis in pulmonary arterial hypertension: from screening to treatmentYear in review
00:00 - 00:2029What is new in tuberculosis: from prevention to treatmentYear in review
00:00 - 00:2030Health effects of novel tobacco and nicotine productsYear in review
00:00 - 00:2031The emerging role of helmet noninvasive ventilation in treatment of patients with acute hypoxemic failureYear in review
00:00 - 00:2032Treatment of cT1 lung cancer: novel perspectivesYear in review
00:00 - 00:2033Preserved ratio impaired spirometry (PRISm): recent insights and clinical implicationsYear in review
00:00 - 01:0034PDW Lung Cancer: Improving discussions about the resuscitation statusProfessional development
00:00 - 00:4035PDW Time to team up! Shared decision making in the pulmonary paediatric careProfessional development