International Congress Barcelona 2013

Saturday, 07.09.2013
Sunday, 08.09.2013
Monday, 09.09.2013
Tuesday, 10.09.2013
Wednesday, 11.09.2013

Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2013; 42: Suppl. 57, abstract number.

TBNET 2013: latest results

Chairs: G. Bothamley (London, United Kingdom), G. Sotgiu (Sassari, Italy)
Aims: The audience will obtain up-to-date information from large European cohort and epidemiological studies on: the predictive value of IGRAs for the development of TB in healthy close contacts; the role of the TST, the Quantiferon-Gold in tube Test and the T-Spot. TB Test for the diagnosis of LTBI and the development of tuberculosis in immunocompromized hosts (HIV+, transplant recipients, patients with chronic renal failure, candidates for TNF antagonists therapies); the role of IGRAs for the diagnosis of LTBI in children in relation to age and BCG vaccination status; and the global distribution and differences of pulmonary NTM isolates.
The impact of age and BCG-vaccination on TST and IGRA responses in children: data from over 1000 children in a European multicentre study (TBNET#17)
B. Kampmann (London, United Kingdom)
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The respiratory NTM world map (TBNET#28)
J. Van Ingen (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
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