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Saturday, 07.09.2013
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Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2013; 42: Suppl. 57, abstract number.

Ceremony for the ERS Maurizio Vignola Award for Best Publication on Innovation in Pneumology (financially supported by Chiesi Foundation) followed by Hot Topic: Towards delivering personalised or precision medicine in respiratory healthcare

Hot topics
Chairs: E. R. Bleecker (Winston-Salem, United States of America), S. Holgate (Southampton, United Kingdom)
Aims: The aims of this session are to provide: an understanding of how molecular understanding of disease will lead to new therapeutics that are identified by pathway-specific diagnostics (asthma, lung cancer, CF etc); an understanding of responder/non-responder phenomenon with current drugs; convergence of multiple technologies ('omics, clinical data collections, epidemiology, therapeutic drug responses etc); application of a new way of conducting research that requires collaboration between clinicians, scientists and industry and ICT; and to see how such a health delivery model will improve cost effectiveness of treatment especially for biologics.
Application of 'omics to uncover novel disease pathways
P. J. Sterk (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
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Personalised medicine: how ready are we for this?
E. Hafen (Zurich, Switzerland)
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