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Severe asthma: reviewing the last decade and looking to the next. A report of the ERS/ATS Task Force

Chairs: R. Djukanovic (Southampton, United Kingdom), L. Heaney (Belfast, United Kingdom), K. Ohta (Tokyo, Japan)
Aims: During this session, we will review:
- the progress made in last 10 years in our understanding of severe asthma
- the future directions for research in the next 10 years in severe asthma
- the consensus recommendations for the definition of severe asthma
- the evaluation and biomarkers for severe asthma
- the approach to phenotyping the disease
- the therapeutic approaches for severe asthma.
Definition of severe asthma across the age groups
S. Wenzel (Pittsburgh, United States of America)
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The evaluation and biomarkers of severe asthma
M. Gaga (Athens, Greece)
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Pathophysiological mechanisms in severe asthma
S-E. Dahlén (Stockholm, Sweden)
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Therapeutic approaches to severe asthma
F. Chung (London, United Kingdom)
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