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Treatment of bronchial infection: beyond the exacerbations

Chairs: P. van der Valk (Enschede, Netherlands), T. Bauer (Berlin, Germany)
Aims: The aims of this session are to learn:
- the importance of bacterial colonisation in chronic bronchial disease
- the role of antibiotics in the context of bronchial colonisation
- the efficacy and risks associated with the long-term use of antibiotics in these patients
Bacteria in the pathogenesis of COPD: does the load matter?
J. Wedzicha (London, United Kingdom)
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Viral persistence in the pathogenesis of COPD
G. Rohde (Maastricht, Netherlands)
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Biomarkers for antibiotic treatment in stable and exacerbated COPD
D. Stolz (Basel, Switzerland)
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Efficacy and safety of antibiotic treatment of stable COPD
M. Miravitlles (Barcelona, Spain)
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