09:00 - 10:0012782Opening session: sleep year in reviewSymposium
10:15 - 11:1512783Personalised treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea: More than theory?Symposium
10:15 - 11:1512833Problems and solutions in running a virtual sleep serviceSkills lab
10:15 - 11:1512834Central Sleep Apnoea and the impact of the quality of life on OSA and InsomniaOral Presentation
11:30 - 12:3012785Sleep in the new era of COVIDSymposium
11:30 - 12:3012790Metabolic aspects of sleep-disordered breathingSymposium
11:30 - 12:3012788Sleep apnoea and the risk of neurodegenerationHot topic
14:15 - 15:1512789Circadian disruption in sleep and healthSymposium
14:15 - 15:1512794Obstructive sleep apnoea, cognitive functions, fatigue and sleepinessSymposium
14:15 - 15:1512835Treatment and management of sleep respiratory diseasesOral Presentation
15:30 - 16:3012786Current knowledge and research priorities in central sleep apnoeaSymposium
15:30 - 16:0012800How to assess progress in sleepiness at the wheel: a European consensusMeet the expert
15:30 - 16:3012841Out of centre sleep testing: challenges and advancesSkills lab
16:00 - 16:3012795Sleep apnoea and cancer: how strong is the link?Pro and con debate
16:45 - 17:4512787Hot topics in obesity hypoventilation syndromeSymposium
16:45 - 17:4512799Primary snoring in children: should we treat and how to treat?Symposium
16:45 - 17:4512837Advanced diagnostic proceduresOral Presentation
18:00 - 19:0012793Basic mechanisms of sleep apnoea and translation to clinical practiceSymposium
18:00 - 19:0012796Personalised care of individuals with neuromuscular diseaseSymposium
18:00 - 19:0012806Non-continuous positive airway pressure therapySymposium