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The ERS Lung Science Conference is important for both scientists and clinicians with an interest in the basis of lung disease.

The success of the yearly conference depends on the creation of the right dialogue between young European post-doctoral scientists and established investigators. Participant numbers are limited and a selection process is used to ensure that the very best are chosen in order to maintain the very highest quality of research.

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Title Year Location
5th Sleep and Breathing Conference 2019 Marseille
ERS Satellites 2019: Advances in precision medicine in COPD / ILD 2019 Europe
Mechanisms of Acute Exacerbation of Respiratory Disease 2019 Estoril
Cell-matrix interactions in lung disease and regeneration 2018 Estoril
ERS Satellites 2018: Severe Asthma 2018 Europe
4th Sleep and Breathing Conference 2017 Marseille
Mechanistic overlap between chronic lung injury and cancer 2017 Estoril
System approaches in lung disease 2016 Estoril
3rd Sleep and Breathing Conference 2015 Barcelona
Lung infection and immunity 2015 Estoril
Lung Inflammation and Immunity 2014 Estoril
Early origins and mechanisms of chronic lung disease 2013 Estoril
Rebuilding a diseased lung: Repair and regeneration 2012 Estoril
Immune system dysregulation in chronic lung disease 2011 Estoril
Biology of gene-environment interactions in the lung 2010 Estoril
Cell proliferation, Differentiation and Carcinogenesis 2009 Estoril
European Multidisciplinary Conference in Thoracic Oncology 2009 Lugano
Lung Injury, Repair and Remodelling 2008 Estoril
Translational research in pulmonary disease: Hypoxia-driven mechanisms 2007 Taormina
Hypoxia in Lung Biology and Disease 2006 Taormina
Evidence-based medicine for respiratory disease with special emphasis on inflammatory processes 2005 Taormina
International Consensus Conference in Intensive Care Medicine - jointly organised with ATS, ESICM, SCCM and SRLF 2005 Budapest
Application of our knowledge of the basic processes of lung inflammation in lung diseases 2004 Taormina
Inflammation and Respiratory Disease 2003 Taormina