Training opportunities for skills-based procedures are becoming increasingly scarce. Simulation-based education has been identified as one possible solution to this problem.
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Skills-based Simulator Training in Non-Invasive Ventilation

This unique online course teaches clinical skills & clinical knowledge in non-invasive ventilation. It has proven success in increasing learner confidence and competence¹, and offers 1 CME credit per module. The user-friendly learning environment integrates a realistic patient-ventilator simulation, setting a new standard in interactive e-learning.

This course was developed in response to evidence that medical and nursing team members lack NIV skills, and feel ill-prepared and unsafe to deliver NIV in accordance with guidelines³, directly affecting the uptake and use of NIV in institutions⁴.

Please note: The NIV Competency Course uses a high-fidelity ventilation simulator, which is only supported at this time by Google Chrome version 36+.

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