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I am Mike Thomas, Director of this module. I will be your companion throughout this session...

A woman suffering from asthma and high respiratory symptoms is reffered to you with "poorly-controlled asthma". Obviously  the drivers of poor control are related to other factors  that are unlikely to respond to biologic therapy, and AR. 

In this interactive module you will learn how personalised care can be achieved throught the application of clinical and inflammatory phenotyping .

By doing so you will learn how phenotyping  allows expensive treatment that is  likely to be ineffective to be avoided and effective ‘personalised’ treatment strategies targeted at treatable factors driving poor control to be addressed.


After completion of the module participants should be able to:

1. Understand the concepts of ‘phenotype’ and ‘endotype’ in asthma

2. Reflect on the application of phenotyping in clinical practice to allow personalised care

3. Recognise the heterogeneity of asthma and the importance of assessing co-morbidities