The patients‘ perception of ICS adverse effects cover much wilder range of complains than doctors usually diagnose1. Foster and co. developed and validated questionnaire (ICQ) to better describe patient‘s perception of ICS adverse effects2. We have applied ICQ to assess adverse effects in asthmatic patients and to find out if any difference does exist in this term due to steroid prescribed. 294 allergy specialists participated in the cross-sectional study. They collected ICQ‘s from 2891 asthmatic patients admitted in everyday practice, currently treated with ICS. The ICQ consists of 57 questions describing patient‘s complains, scoring from 0-6 according to symptoms intensity. The data concerning the drug, the dose and duration of treatment were collected as well. The results ware compared in 4 cohorts (BDP, BUD, FP, CIC) by Kruskal-Wallis rank test and by Mann-Whitney U-test. The influence of the dose and duration of treatment were assessed by Spearman test. The intensity of 57 adverse symptoms significantly correlated to the dose and duration of treatment, but this correlation was weak (r < 0.2). BUD reveled significantly lower mean rank in 1 symptom in comparison to BDP and in 6 symptoms to FP. FP was not better in any of 57 symptoms than BDP. Ciclesonide reveled significantly lower mean rank in 20 symptoms in comparison to BDP, in 24 to BUD and 30 to FP. We were able to categorize compounds according to patient tolerability perception in following order: CIC>>>BUD>BDP=FP. 1 Foster JM et al. Respiratory Medicine, 2006; 100: 1318–1336. 2 Foster JM et al. Value Health, 2006; 9 (6): A336.