The BA is a serious medical problem of public health services all over the world. The main aim of the ²BASIS² program, being realized in 16 cities of Russia was getting data about basic therapy availability with BA patients, correctness of fulfillment of inhalation technics, efficiency and safety of Beclason Eco Easy Breeze (BEEB). 11835 were included in research with BA with various degree of severity: men 29,4%, women 70,6%. The daily dosage of the inhalation glucocorticosteroids (IGS) varied from 100 up to 1500 mkg. The dynamics of a condition was assessed three times: M0 – including visit (BEEB instead of pMDI), M1 – one month after the beginning of the treatment, M2 – two months from the visit of inclusion.
Assessed: 1.Function of external breath (FEB)
2. Clinical symptoms of disease
3. Correctness of fulfillment of inhalation technics
4. Safety of BEEB application
The analysis of results showed, that 72% of patients had no control over asthma displays and 44% didn,t receive any basic therapy – IGS.
The authentic increase (p<0-0,005) in parameters of FEB was established in 60 days after BEEB use: FEV1 on 11,25%, the gaine of the forced vital capacity of lungs made 7,67%. The absence of day symptoms at 77,7% of patients. The absence of night symptoms at 95,3% after 2 months of the drug use. 99,8% of patients had no asthma attacks. 48,1% of patients could refuse using betta2-agonists (short acting), and 14 patients could refuse taking peroral corticosteroids.
Thus, BEEB is a preparation of a choice for basic therapy at BA patients of a various degree of severity, showing high efficiency of it,s use and also economic advisability.