Background: National asthma audit in Thailand by the National health Security Office (NHSO) in 2007 found that asthma treatment in Thailand is suboptimal. PEFR were measured in only 1.08% of the visits and ICS were prescribed in only 10.92% of the visits. Since 2009 NHSO launched the project to improve asthma management in Thailand by setting up Easy Asthma Clinic in general hospitals.Objective: This study aim to compare the management of asthma in the Easy Asthma Clinic (EAC) to the general out-patient clinic (OPD) using the national asthma audit data.Methods: The national asthma audit was performed by the NHSO to evaluate the quality of asthma management. Patients were randomized from patients who attended the EAC or the OPD with the principle diagnosis of asthma (J45) during 1st October 2013 – 30th September 2014. The OPD cards were then collected for the auditors to examine using the auditing form.Results: 2,865 charts were audited, 1,726 from the EAC and 1,139 from the OPD. 992 visits (57.47%) in the EAC group and 227(19.92%) in the OPD group were met the standard of treatment according to the Thai asthma guideline. PEFR were measured in 65.94% EAC group and 25.96% of the OPD group. ICS were prescribed in 78.26% in the EAC group and 46.26 % in the OPD group. Asthma controlled achieved in 34.69% in the EAC group and 9.58% in the OPD group.Conclusions: The national asthma audit in 2014 revealed improvement in asthma management compare with the first audit in 2007. The management of asthma in the EAC showed a significant better than the OPD. Promoting the setup of Easy Asthma clinic should be the national asthma policy.