There is a big interest of studying problems, related toCOPD in medicine. Selection of separate phenotypes of COPD allows to explainclinical course at some patients and also helps with a choice of the most adequate therapy for patients, improving the quality of life and prognosis of disease. Potential phenotypes of COPD are: early beginning of COPD, "young" COPD patients (younger 50 years), COPD at women, COPD with frequent exacerbations. Therefore, the purpose of our research was to reveal early stages of COPD and study their phenotypes.Materials and methods of research. 3000 persons (1600 men and 1400 women) have been investigated. By means of a special questionnaire and peakflow meter263 persons COPD has been diagnosed. From them our attention was attracted with "young" patients COPD - 26,6 % (70 people). 32 persons (12,2 %) from 263 were at the age from 20 till 29 years, from them 7 persons (2,6 %) - women and 25 - men (9,6 %). 38 persons (14,4 %) were at the age from 30 till 39 years (12 women (4,6 %) and 26 men (9,8 %)).Among all patients 156 persons (59,3 %) were active smokers. 203 patients (77,2 %) had frequent exacerbations.Thus, carrying out of epidemiological observations by means of special questionnaires with peakflow meters will allow not only to reveal COPD patients, but also to reveal "young" patients with early beginning of COPD and to pay attention to such phenotypes COPD as « COPD at women», «COPD with frequent exacerbations».Formation of phenotypes at early stages of COPD will allow to startearly effective therapy of this disease.