Aim. The purpose of the study was early diagnosis of COPD and comorbid CNCDs with the help of Mobile Cardio-respiratory Metabolic laboratory (MCRML) during intensive medical screening of busy employees groups on their working places.Methods. Stepwise medical screening by MCRML was conducted in 194 employees (47.2±6.8 years) using validated questionnaires, diagnostic instruments for respiratory (spirometer Microlab, Micro CO analyzer) and cardiovascular (ECG with instant digital analysis and map building – Cardiovisor; pulse oximetry (Sat800), arterial stiffness - PulseTrace PCA2) screening according to developed algorithm.Results. Obtained data demonstrated high percent of smokers (active – 45%, ex-smokers – 31%), significantly increased exhaled CO level among them (17,7±7.2 ppm) compared to non-smokers (p<0,001). COPD was diagnosed in 12,8% of population (age 50.6±6.0 years). According to the new GOLD-2014 COPD classification patient population distributed into groups A (68%) and B (32%).Comorbidity findings among employees were: obesity (37%), hypertension (41%), increased cholesterol (34%), endothelial dysfunction (57%), increased vascular RI (14%),. There was relationship between: vascular characteristics (DRISLB) and FEV1/FVC (r=0,19; p<0,01), SI index and exhaled CO (r=0,20; p=0,005), systolic (r=0,35; p<0,001) and diastolic (r=0,24; p=0,001) pressures.Conclusion. This methodology of MCRML study program for early COPD and other CNCD diagnosis and risk factors detection demonstrated its effectiveness for screening studies in busy professional groups of patients.