Aims: Despite a variety of difficulties, allergy diagnostics in China wound its way of advancement over half a century. Here we presented a comprehensive review on the past and present of modern allergy diagnostics in China.Methods: History of allergy research in China was reviewed, methods of modern allergy diagnostics were briefly introduced and the application of each method was discussed.Results: After reviewed, nearly 300 hospitals or medical research institutes published manuscripts related to allergen detection. Prevalence of allergies in China is on the rise due to urbanization and westernization of life-style and social culture. Mainstay approaches for allergic tests commonly used in China include clinical history, skin prick test, detection of allergen-specific IgE with RAST and ELISA. New techniques, such as microarray, are also increasingly developed. Inadequate medical investment and the yet-to-improve techniques become the concerning development of allergy diagnostics in China.

Prospect: In the future, the Chinese allergen atlas should be finished through multi-centre epidemiology survey. There is a large requirement of high-quality reagents for detecting allergens, new developing technology could be considered as imported. The national GMP of allergen detection reagents should be published and GLP of application of allergens in different diseases needs to be drafted, finally national guideline for allergic diseases will be drawn.