When foreign body aspiration is suspected in children, rigid and / or flexible bronchoscopy should be performed immediately. Rigid bronchoscopy is the first choice for both diagnosis and treatment of most likely foreign body aspiration, but it may fail to achieve right upper lobe bronchi or peripherally located foreign bodies. In this report, a 41-month-old male patient with recurrent pneumonia, frequent wheeze episodes and a history of foreign body aspiration (sunflower husk) removed by rigid bronchoscope two times previously is presented. The patient underwent flexible bronchoscope because of persistent wheeze episodes despite treatment with inhaler steroids in follow up. Sunflower husk which was not seen before by the rigid bronchoscope was identified in the bronchus of the right lower lobe and removed with forceps. In this case report it is emphasized that flexible bronchoscopy should be performed after removal of the foreign body which can break into small pieces and that is of a radiolucent nature with rigid bronchoscope, to check peripheral airways.