Aim: To evaluate plasma SP-D in pts with S COPD and during AE COPD in comparison with healthy control.
Study population: 44 pts with S COPD, 12 pts with AE COPD and 26 healthy persons made the study sample.
Methods: Medical history, SP-D in plasma by ELISA (Hycult Biotech, Netherlands), Spirometry by Masterscope (Viasis, Germany) were performed in all study population.Results: SP-D levels in groups are shown in the table 1.
GroupsValid NMedian, ng/mlQuartiles [25-75 %], ng/dl
S COPD44613.21395.84-1164.84*$
AE COPD12883.24721.1-1121.80#
*p(S COPD-healthy) = 0.001; $p(AE COPD-healthy) < 0.001; #p(S COPD-AE COPD)=0.106Conclusions:
1. Both S and AE COPD pts have significantly higher plasma SP-D level, than healthy control.
2. Tendency to increasing of plasma SP-D was found in pts with AE COPD in comparison with S COPD. However this difference was not statistically significant.
3. Probably, plasma SP-D more likely reflects chronic lung inflammation, than acute injury in pts with COPD.