Objective:we wanted to know the prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)and metabolic syndrome(MS)in thin patients and their characteristics.We also wanted to know if there were differences with overweight and obese.
Methods:we studied the patients that were referred to our sleep laboratory, from January to December2009.OSAS was diagnosed when apnea hipopnea index (AHI)was>5.MS was diagnosed according to the International Diabetes Federation criteria.The patients were distributed in 3groups according to BMI: normal or thin(BMI<25),overweight(25-29,9)and obesity(≥30).
Results:We studied 475patients:7,6%thin, 36%overweight and 56,4%obese.In the thin‘s group,most were women,snorers,non-smokers and don‘t drink alcohol.We diagnosed of OSA 428(90,1%): in thin77,7%, in overweight84,79% and in obese91,4%.Thin patients with OSA were mostly mild OSA, in overweight mostly moderate and in obese severe.There were differences between OSA‘s diagnose and categorized BMI.We diagnosed of MS 288(64,4%): in the thin‘s group33,3%,in overweight43,94% and in obese80,93%.We found more probability of MS(p<0,001)with BMI‘s increase.There were differences between thin‘s group and the others, thin patients were younger with minor neck and waist perimeter(p=0,021;p<0,001;p<0,001).OSA and MS prevalence in the thin‘s group was22% and in obese70,52%.OSA in thin patients was related with gender(p=0,039women had less risk)and age(p=0,045 OSA were older).
OSA‘s prevalence in thin patients is minor
OSA and MS‘prevalence in thin patients is minor than in obese
Thin patients were most women, younger and without toxic habits
OSA and MS were not related in thin patients.