The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of rolipram pretreatment with / without co-administration of dexamethasone on experimental asthma - animal model (Hartley-Dunkin g.p.sensitized with OA). BAL-fluid cells, some mediators of inflammation in BAL-f supernatant and pulmonary resistance after OA challenge were examined. The experiment was performed in the groups as follows:

groupsensitisationdexamethasonerolipramchallenge OA

BAL was performed before and at 1,5; 6-8, 12 and 24 hrs after challenge. Lung resistance was continously recorded under suppression of spontaneous breathing during 15 min after OA inhalation and the highest LR values were analysed. In the control transient, significant increase of neutrophils, CD4+ and total lymphocytes, macrophages and eosinophil number, raise of protein and histamine concentration in BAL-fluids were noticed.
Pretreatment with rolipram reduced LR during EAR, inhibited histamine releasing and decreased eosinophil infiltration to alveolar space between 1,5 – 24 hrs after challenge. These effects were generally comparable, but less distinct than after dexamethasone treatment. On the contrary only dexamethasone reduced infiltration other than eosinophil inflammatory cells. The statistical analisys was performed acc. to Mann-Whitney U test (p<0.05).
The studied were approved by the Animal Experimental Committee of the Medical University of Warsaw.