We examined 27 patients with severe steroid-resistant bronchial asthma (BASR) with the average age 53,1 ± 1,9 years old and duration of disease 13,8 ± 1,5 years. All patients received more then 20 mg of oral prednisolone daily, the dosage was equal 38,9 ± 1,69 mg in average, and the average duration of oral corticosteroids CS treatment was 6,6 ± 1,0 years. We observed different complications of CS therapy in all the cases. 9 patients with the Roncoleukin (IL-2) to be introduced intravenously in the complex BA therapy, and 18 patients of the control group with traditional anti-inflammatory and bronchodilative treatment have been examined to investigate the oral CS dosage diminution possibility. The oral CS dosage has been decreased under the intravenous Roncoleukin therapy (on 4,00 ± 2,60 mg of prednisolone in average) in the main group. And we observed the oral CS dosage increase in the control group (on 0,91 ± 0,61 mg in average). We also revealed the considerable diminution of the TNFa (t=3,02, p=0,012), the increase of CD16+ lymphocytes content and significant decrease of IgE blood level (td=4,20; p=0,001) in the main group after the Roncoleukin therapy. So the intravenous Roncoleukin therapy can be used in the complex treatment of patients with the severe steroid-resistant BA in order to decrease the oral CS dosage.