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Welcome to the website of the ERS Handbook: Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine.

ERS Handbook: Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine is an invaluable tool for any practitioner of adult respiratory medicine. The 261 multiple-choice questions cover the full breadth of the specialty, using clinical vignettes that test not only readers’ knowledge but their ability to apply it in daily practice. The book is the perfect revision aid for specialists in respiratory medicine and other fields who wish to develop and improve their understanding.

ERS Handbook: Self Assessment in Respiratory Medicine was launched during the ERS International Congress in Amsterdam, 26–30 September 2015.

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ERS Handbook: Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine has been compiled by the ERS adult HERMES Examination Committee, using the adult HERMES Syllabus, making it an ideal preparation tool for the European Examination

Chief Editors
 Konrad Bloch unknown Anita Simonds 
Prof. Konrad E. Bloch
Prof. Thomas Brack 
Prof. Anita Simonds
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