ERS Handbook of Respiratory Sleep Medicine

About this handbook

Welcome to the website of the ERS Handbook of Respiratory Sleep Medicine. The ERS Handbook of Respiratory Sleep Medicineis the second edition to the ERS Handbook series. It covers respiratory sleep conditions and their causes, diagnosis, and management.

The ERS Handbook of Respiratory Sleep Medicine was launched during the ERS Congress in Vienna, 2 - 5 September 2012. To order a copy of the handbook, please click here.


The handbook is a vital resource for all practitioners working in the respiratory, neurology, psychiatry, ENT, cardiology, paediatrics, and dentistry fields who see patients with sleep disorders. The handbook is also designed to complement the respiratory sleep HERMES curriculum and assist physicians and trainees to meet curriculum requirements.

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Chief Editors
 Anita Simonds Wilfried de Backer
Prof. Anita Simonds
Prof. Wilfried de Backer
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Chapter list

The book is divided into 8 overarching modules, which are split into over 40 sections covering the whole field.

  • Module 1: Physiology and anatomy
  • Module 2: Respiratory conditions
  • Module3: Nonrespiratory conditions
  • Module 4: Clinical assessment
  • Module 5: Diagnostic techniques
  • Module 6: Treatment
  • Module 7: Medicolegal and economic aspects
  • Module 8: Paediatric respiratory sleep medicine
Sleep Handbook sample section   Sample Section

Neuroanatomy and neurobiology of sleep
Mary J. Morrell, Paolo Palange, Patrick Levy and Wilfried De Backer  






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