Certification of specialists in respiratory sleep medicine for the purposes of continuing professional development http://ow.ly/4uX9309g3Hs
What is the greatest challenge in the delivery of quality care to respiratory disease patients? Is it lack of resources, avoidable harm to patients, or more complex disease presentation? Healthcare delivery has been in the media spotlight in recent months across many countries and the question of how to deliver safe, effective and efficient care to patients remains at the forefront of political agendas at a national level. Education is the passport to the future and the European Respiratory Society (ERS) is in the unique position of being able to work with the most respected respiratory experts internationally in order to design and deliver educational activities to raise standards of training for our respiratory health practitioners.
The challenge of delivering high quality care for patients is also true of respiratory sleep medicine. Inconsistencies in the diagnosis, treatment and management of sleep-related conditions emphasise the need for standards in practice and harmonised training and certification for medical practitioners managing respiratory sleep patients [1].
In 2014 key medical education and respiratory medicine experts came together to plan the future of education within the ERS. The result of this seminar underpins the new direction of ERS education and the decision to move towards more comprehensive educational programmes using a blend of online learning materials, self-assessment multiple-choice questions, a mini-portfolio with personal mentoring and skills-based workshops and assessments. Such a programme has the intended purpose of bringing us one step closer to the overall aim of our healthcare systems: the enabling of medical professionals to deliver high quality healthcare to their patients.