Asthma overdiagnosis is related to the lack of objective tests. Great health resources in asthma: 1,726€/year/patient in Spain. 1555.70€ of an exacerbation managed in hospital vs 166.70€ of one treated in GP. AIM: To assess the impact in asthma prevalence and management of exacerbations after a collaborative care environment and the implementation of GEMA on computerised medical records in GP clinics.METHODS: Multidisciplinary quasi-experimental study. The intervention started in 2010 in the inner region of Biscay, based on the implementation of the computerised GEMA in 7 GP clinics and a collaborative care environment between GP and Pulmonology department. Asthmatic patients from GP clinics are included.RESULTS:

Tab.1: Asthma prevalence in populations from the same area. It shows a probable asthma overdiagnosis.Tab.2: Sample of 400 patients: There´re more asthma exacerbations in the intervention group, according to the probable asthma overdiagnosis in healthy people.Tab.3: It shows more visits to emergency room and hospital admissions in exacerbated asthmatic patients from the control group.CONCLUSIONS:The intervention avoids asthma overdiagnosis and favours the management of asthma exacerbations in GP, decreasing visits to emergency room or hospital admissions. So it would probably save health economic resources.